6 weirdest world records set using tools

When you have the right tools, it feels like anything is possible.

The site week 12Sometimes that feeling means you get the job done quicker and you’re left with a very happy customer. Other times it means becoming an international record-breaker!

When it comes to the Guinness World Records, there’s no end to the ridiculous and mind-blowing achievements from world’s smallest donkey to world’s quickest time to crush 3 watermelons between your thighs.

We like to think we know about record-breaking tools insurance. But what about the record-breaking tools, and the skilled tradespeople/handymen who wield them? Well it turns out Guinness has plenty of those floating about as well. So we thought we’d go through the Guinness archives and bring you the top 6 tools world records.

Most nails hammered into a block of wood in one minute

The site week 12A classic and a favourite - the old hammer and nail race. The record was set in 2010 with a respectable 24 nails in 60 seconds. Oddly enough the record most nails hammered using just your head was an impressive 13 in 60 seconds – paracetamol all around!

Largest artwork made entirely of screws

Everything you build with your tools is a work of art, but this is a whole different league! Hailing from Albania, the largest screw artwork contained a whopping 235,500 metal screws. The entire thing measured 9.4 m² (101.18 ft²). Unbeaten since 2010 I might add if you’re feeling artistic…

Smallest working circular saw

The site week 12From the particularly massive to the practically adorable. At 14.3 x 18.9 x 10.6mm, the world’s smallest circular saw is fitted with a 12-mm working blade. It’s so small it can be powered by a hearing aid battery – I can hardly believe my ears! The same guy also built the smallest working power drill. It measures 17 x 7 x 13.5mm, and holds a 0.5-mm twist drill that is 11.75mm long.

Largest screwdriver

We’re out of small territory and back into the massive record-breakers. Is there anything handier than a big screwdriver? At 6.32 m (20 ft 9 in) long, the world’s largest screwdriver may not be the most practical tool in your box – mainly because it won’t even fit in there.

Most log slices sawn in 3 minutes by chain saw

The site week 12Going a bit more exotic now with the already impressive chainsaw. Vesa Kurki from Finland made it even more impressive by chain-sawing a log into 15 5cm slices in just 3 minutes.

Largest Musical Saw Ensemble

Ok so this isn’t technically what saws were invented for – but still pretty darn cool. A massive 53 got together in New York in 2009 to pull this musical mission off. The concert lasted four and a half hours! Be warned your tools insurance policy may not cover you for a worldwide concert tour with your saw band…

There you have it. Do you think you can break one of these records? Or do you have a favourite we didn’t even mention?