Cover Details

This provides a summary of the significant features, benefits and limitations of the cover provided by the Zurich Ltd Personal Tools policy. If you want to see the full terms, conditions or exclusions of the cover please download the policy document.

Type of insurance and cover

This covers loss or damage to powered and non-powered hand held tools of all types belonging to, leased to, on hire purchase, loan or hired to you or your employees.

The duration of this contract is 12 months. Completion of a proposal form is not required. Note that cover is available to customers based in the UK only.

What is insured

‘All risks’ cover for loss of or damage to personal tools belonging to you occurring at any situation in the European union including transit.

Where an item is lost or damaged beyond economical repair we will pay to replace it with a new one.

What is not insured

We will not pay for:

  • bullet 1damage to any tool caused by its own breakdown
  • bullet 2losses only discovered as a result of a routine inventory.

Special security exclusions

We will not pay for personal tools whilst unattended unless they are contained in:

a) a vehicle provided that the doors of the vehicle are locked and all its windows and other openings are fully closed and properly fastened or,

b) a locked building or locked storage unit.


An excess is the amount that is deducted from any money paid to you in the event of a valid claim being paid. The level of excess is dependent upon the level of cover you have selected, however there is a minimum excess of £100 for all losses, and a minimum excess of £250 for claims where payment is made for computers, tablets or similar devices.

Mobile devices and wearables

Mobile phones, smart phones, smart watches or similar wearable devices are not insured under this policy.

Pay by instalments

If you buy your tools policy via phone, you can choose to pay by monthly instalments - starting from just £7.55 per month.

Trade Direct Insurance is a credit broker not a lender.

Cancellation rights

If you decide you do not want to accept the policy, or any subsequent renewal of it, please tell us within 14 days of receiving the policy or renewal notice. We may, at our discretion, charge you for the time you have been on cover, including insurance premium tax.

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