Insuring tools in your vehicle

As a tradesperson, odds are you’ll spend a fair amount of time in your work vehicle. Getting to and from jobs, fetching materials, or getting to/ from quotes. It all adds up to more time behind the wheel.

You’re almost certain to transport your personal tools in your vehicle too, and as we looked at in another article, choosing a policy that covers your tools while in your van is definitely worth thinking about.

Even with a good tools insurance policy from a trusted company, the inconvenience of having your tools stolen from your vehicle can be huge. There can also be disruption while your claim is processed, and you replace your tools. Preventing the theft of your personal tools makes sense, and in this article we’ve listed a few vehicle security pointers that could help.

Practical steps

It's essential to make sure that your vehicle is fully locked and secured, which will help protect your tools and deter any opportunists.

It's also important that your tools aren't visible through the windows to passers-by. Try and make them as inconspicuous as possible – tinted windows could be one option – and look at what other measures you can take to minimise risk.

Mind where you park

A vehicle may be less vulnerable to theft if it is parked in a well-lit, densely populated area.

By parking in areas where your vehicle will be clearly visible to a regular stream of passers-by, you can minimise the risk of theft or damage, and also improve the chances of any incident being swiftly reported if the worst does happen.

Alarms, locks, trackers

A wide variety of sophisticated vehicle locks, alarms and trackers are available, which can add an additional layer to your vehicle security.

With GPS trackers, it's possible to monitor the location of your vehicle, and while they’re in it, your tools. Alerting the monitoring company and/ or police increases the chance of recovery, and should deter theft of your vehicle.

Physical deterrents

Smaller tools can be stored in lockable tool chests. While they’re not fool-proof, they’re an extra deterrent to a would-be thief. At the end of the day you’re simply trying to stack the odds in your favour.

Further options for protecting your tools are security stickers, and etching. They make re-selling the stolen goods more problematic, and limit any would-be thieves' ability to re-sell the tools on the secondary market. That way your tools become a less attractive target.

Van insurance cover

One question we encounter is “Are my tools covered by my Van Insurance policy”? There’s no single answer to this, as every insurer and insurance policy is different. You should always check with your insurer. Find out what cover is included, and if you have cover, what the limits and exclusions are.

Check the terms of your policy

Many insurers will lay down specific criteria for how you should secure your tools in your vehicle as a condition of providing cover.

For instance, some insurers will only pay for tools stolen from a vehicle if the doors, windows and any other openings are fully locked. You should also check whether cover for theft of tools from vehicles is 24x7.

You can get more information on the tools insurance policy available at ToolsInsuranceOnline.

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