Maintain safety standards to keep your business healthy

Rigorous safety standards are fundamental to establishing a good working environment and avoiding accidents. But it's not always easy to stick to those standards, particularly during busy periods when there is greater pressure on your time.

Cutting corners can have serious consequences, both in terms of your health and the impact on your business through lost working days and lost income.

So how can you minimise the risk of tools accidents at work? We’ve put together a few points for you to consider.

Working conditions

A good working environment will help you avoid accidents. This includes making sure that you have enough space to operate your tools effectively, and being aware of any obstructions.

Giving yourself sufficient time to complete the job can reap rewards in terms of reducing risk of injury or accident, helping you work calmly and safely.

Maintain your tools

Equipment is always subject to wear and tear, particularly the tools you use the most. This can have safety implications over time.

Regular checking and maintenance is essential, and consider replacing your tools if needs be.

Get the gear

Protective clothing is also important for a range tradesmen. It might be boots, overalls, ear defenders, or eyewear to protect you from debris.

With potentially severe consequences of working without adequate protection, it goes without saying that investing in good quality clothing can help minimise the many costs of accidents.

Residual Current Devices

An RCD is designed to protect people from the risk of electrocution. It continuously monitors the electric current flowing through the circuits on which it is being used, and automatically switches off the electricity when there is a fault.

This can prevent people from getting a shock if they touch something live, and it also offers some protection against electrical fires. Is this a device that could improve the safety of your work?

Drugs and alcohol

A heavy night at the pub can be fun at the time, but we all know that the impact can last through to the next day.

If you're still under the influence of drugs or alcohol at work, or even if you’re just tired from a late night, you may be more likely to suffer an accident with your tools. Circumstances like these can have implications when it comes insurance and claims.

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