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From £16.54 per month!*

*6% of new business customers in 2016 would have achieved this price if the premium reduction had been available.

Cover your portable handheld tools against theft and damage in minutes with ToolsInsuranceOnline.

Getting Tools Insurance should be easy.

So we made it easy.

  • 24/7 EU wide cover
  • Tools insured in the van or in the home
  • £5,000 cover from just £181.44*
  • No single article limit

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Trade Direct Insurance insures more than 40,000+ professionals in the trade and construction industries. So it's fair to say they know a thing or two about insuring tradespeople. 

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By covering your tools with ToolsInsuranceOnline, you get the added bonus of having Trade Direct Insurance's experience and know-how backing you up.



We talk the talk, but here's how we walk the walk...

Why should you insure your tools with us?


The policy is underwritten by Zurich Insurance, one of the UK’s biggest insurers.

We’ve over 30 years’ experience insuring the trade and construction industries.

24/7/365 claims line so if the worst happens, you can log your claim.

I'm convinced, so how do I get cover?

Easy. Just hit the button and get yourself a quote.